Document Review

Conducted off-site, Navigate will collect and evaluate the documents and tools you use today to manage, control, and communicate your processes. We’ll compare them to Best Practices and identify those that measure up and those that don’t, including any that may be missing. Document review includes evaluation of Marketing, Sales, Implementation, Operations, Finance, Administration, and Human Resources.

Personal interviews

Navigate typically visits you for one or two days to see your facilities and interview selected members of your team. Other interviews are done by phone, or on-line to understand staff views of current status and opportunities. Selected staff will represent all departments, levels, and disciplines and as many as fifteen people may be interviewed.

On-Line Surveys

A broader sampling of staff—sometimes all—may receive an on-line survey interview to gather their opinions which are returned, tabulated, and reviewed. Responses are anonymous, and summaries are provided with Navigate’s report. These often reveal differences between what management believes is going on and how the staff sees things.

Findings and Recommendations

Upon completion of our review we present our Findings and Recommendations to owners and senior management. This may occur in a face-to-face meeting or by web conference. It includes:

  • Our findings in candid, direct language
  • Recommended improvement actions
  • Recommended priorities of matters to address
  • Ways Navigate can help if you choose to engage us
  • Estimated time required and duration of the initiatives
  • Next steps