Everyone on the Navigate team is an accomplished coach. We have extensive training from some of the best organizations in the world and have completed scores of successful coaching engagements.

Coaching is integral to implementation of assessment findings but it may also be done as a separate initiative. Each assignment is as different as the person to be coached and the need. We structure and design the program and timetable that will work best for each situation. It may be a few weeks or several months—whatever it takes to assure lasting change.

The goals of Navigate coaching experience are improved behavior and performance—in the current job or in preparation for the next one.   Hallmarks of the process are confidentiality and individual accountability.   In a “safe” environment, we help the individual set goals and fashion his or her own roadmap to improvement, then help them get there.   But they are accountable for the results.

We can also design and implement coaching and mentoring programs for company management to perform internally and teach them how to do it effectively, including providing the necessary models, tools and skills.