Without good tools even the most skillful performers won’t get the results they want. Almost every Navigate engagement will include providing you with time saving tools or methods we’ve gathered or built through decades of practical experience. Importantly, while some are simply general good business techniques, most are industry-specific to the markets we serve.

Our vast library includes forms, templates, checklists, outlines, recommended reading lists, helpful references, and sample documents for scores of purposes—all time-tested and success-proven. Some are published in our blogs or articles, others provided through our service partners.   Many are freely-shared through our sponsored training events and some upon simple request.

Our library contains:

  • Sample job descriptions
  • Business Plan outlines
  • Management financial dashboard models
  • Labor and job-costing tools
  • Compensation plans
  • Site-survey and scope of work documents and examples
  • Project handoff procedures
  • Coaching templates
  • Partnering guidelines
  • Orientation checklists
  • Recurring meeting agenda templates
  • AV business glossary

…and scores of others. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for.