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cost of culture

The Cost of Culture

Culture has become a real buzz word in the AV industry, and Navigate talks with a lot of companies about culture. But when we talk about culture, what do we mean? In this week’s video, Brad Malone breaks it all…
managing growth

Managing Growth

In the face of increasing complexity, managing growth is a top priority for systems integrators The systems integration industry has become increasingly complex. Twenty years ago you didn’t have to focus on business processes in order to be successful, but…

Getting Ready for Support

Companies in AV can earn a sizable monthly revenue by adding a service model to their lineup. But it takes deliberate planning to develop streams of monthly recurring revenue. In this episode, Steve Riley and Tim Albright talk to us about looking at where to focus when getting a support model started and how to get all the teams in your company ready.
Reduce risk

Use Data to Circumvent Risks

Do you lack the information you need to properly run your integration business? Most integrators unfortunately answer 'yes' to this question. Without the right data, you take the risk of running into trouble within your company. On this episode of The AV Profession, David McNutt and Tim Albright continue the conversation of risk management. How should you use metrics and information to make the right decisions? What information systems are critical to running a successful integration business? How can you use data to circumvent risks? Listen to find out!
project management

Creating Project Managers the Right Way

Many organizations that are beginning to mature their business management practices go through a process of determining who to select as their project managers and how to nurture their competence and capabilities. As a certified Project Management Professional and practicing…
successful project management

Keys to Successful Project Management

Last week we learned about How to Create Project Managers the Right Way. But successful projects require much more than just good project managers. In fact, you could argue that the success (or failure) of a project is determined before…
revenue vs. growth

Revenue vs. Growth

We’re growing, but what does that really mean? We have heard so much over the past five or 10 years about the concept of growth. Everybody talks about it, but does anybody really knows what it means? What does growth…
Turn the Ship Around Cover

Turning Your Ship Around

Leadership should mean giving control rather than taking control and creating leaders rather than forging followers. Many books have been written on the topic of leadership, and Navigate has shared many of them in the past. One of Brad Malone’s…
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