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quality equals pride

Quality Equals Pride

Is there a direct linkage between the level of quality delivered within an AV systems integration project and the level of personal and organizational pride in that accomplishment? And if so – which comes first? Is there a causal relationship?…
next-generation leadership

Next-Generation Leadership Training

Is Your Next-Generation of Leadership Ready to Lead? Finding and retaining talent is a hot topic with systems integrators in 2019. NSCA and Navigate commonly hear how many integrators are struggling with developing new leaders to better understand the business, enlarge…
keeping score

Measuring for Measuring’s Sake

How do you keep score in your integration business, and who is responsible for it? A lot of organizations have goals, but they’re soft like, “We’re going to increase sales.” That’s good, but based on what? Is it based on…
project closure

Project Closure: When is Done Really Done?

The project closure process, which as project managers know, simply means closing out a project at its conclusion, can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive; many are negative. In my experience working with multiple AV integration companies, I’ve…

When is the Project Done vs. Done-Done

What’s interesting, humorous or even sad, is an integrator’s ability to say when a project is done and when it is done-done. The project closure process can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive, but many are negative. Last…
Human resources

Road Map for Human Resources

One of the biggest issues technology integrators face today is hiring and retaining the right people. In the beginning, when you first started your integration business, HR’s main job was finding the right talent and putting them in the right…
job descriptions

The Value of Job Descriptions

Good job descriptions are the Swiss Army Knife of the human resources business Job descriptions should be right at your fingertips whenever you have an HR matter to address. A principle of organization holds that organization should be based upon the…
cascading metrics

Cascading Metrics Drive Performance

It’s no secret that at Navigate, we love metrics! Performance metrics are critical for the success of your integration business. Without the ability to measure performance, management cannot be effective. And you can’t determine what constitutes a good performance without…
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