Metrics and Management Consulting

Metrics and Management Consulting

Part of knowing where you want to go is being able to quantify your goals and measure your progress so that you can make decisions to adjust, change course, and apply levers to the business.

How do I run my business by the ("right") numbers?

Metrics are the heart of good decision making. Not just data, but readily-available, shared information that is aligned with goals and managers.

Know the Vital Signs
Too often companies don’t have systems to provide this information, or the information is too hard to extract, or takes too long to get. We help you sort this out through a process-based, systematic approach to gather and organize information around activities that are critical to success. Management can then make good decisions based on accurate information.

This new vision of management responsibility, ownership and execution is based on credible information that is within your reach, if your company is ready. We have strategies and tools to help you improve focus, commitment and performance.

Align for Performance
It isn’t enough to just have the information. Each person in the company should play a role in achieving performance that is regularly measured, monitored and reported. We help organize these metrics into a cascading set of Key Performance Indicators complete with an aligned set of responsibilities, expectations and incentives.

Manage to the Numbers
Management is about making decisions. Good management is about making clear and timely decisions so that the business runs smoothly and profitably with as little disruption and drama as possible. Navigate helps audio visual and related technology companies achieve better business results by identifying metrics, aligning management, and applying proven business principles that work.