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Thanks for visiting our website. The Navigate partners help audio visual and related technology companies achieve better results in every aspect of their business. We have spent our entire careers in this industry and we have direct experience in the challenges you face. We know that “Principles that Work take Work”, so we ensure efficient business improvements in ways that no other company can, in every discipline: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Production, Service, Finance, and Administration.

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Only a few business consultants really understand the challenges middle market audio-visual and technology companies face. We are seasoned veterans with a unique blend of talent and decades of experience who address each element a business needs to succeed. More importantly, we know how to make them work together.

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labor burden

Lightening the Burden of Burdened Labor

If you hear the term “Labor Burden”, and you want to glaze over a bit, don’t.  Understanding Labor Burden, as applied to the direct hourly cost of your billable labor (Technicians, Engineers, Programmers, Project Managers, etc.), may just change your…
company assessment

The Company Assessment

Let me ask, have you ever had a company assessment?  Every year I make the oft-annoying appointment to see my personal doctor for a checkup during which he asks all about my life.  What am I eating and drinking, how…
cost of poor quality

How much does 5 minutes cost?

What does it cost the people downstream from one another in terms of time, money, productivity, morale, and opportunity costs when an upstream person cannot take five minutes extra to complete a task, activity or deliverable to defined quality standard?…
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