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Navigate helps audio visual and related technology companies achieve better results in every dimension of their business. Our uncommonly versatile team has spent their entire careers in your industry and has over a hundred years of experience combined helping scores of companies worldwide do just that. And because we know that “Principles that Work take Work” we help you ensure efficient implementation of improvements in ways no other company can.

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Our services

Only a few business consultants really understand the challenges middle market audio-visual and technology companies face.  We are seasoned veterans with a unique blend of talent and decades of experience who address each element a business needs to succeed:  Sales and marketing; Operations, Production and Service; Finance and Administration.   More importantly, we know how to make them work together


Some clients know exactly the kind of help they need and when they do, they can select from a full array of consulting and advisory services. Others simply know everyone is working hard and the results just aren’t what they should be. A Navigate assessment will help identify the reasons and recommend corrective actions to set and achieve growth and business maturity goals. This can be either a full enterprise assessment or a partial, more targeted one, depending on the circumstances.


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Even the best ideas require commitment and support in implementation. Navigate stays with you until you are ready to complete your initiatives on your own. We know that “Principles that Work Take Work” and we’re there to work with you—not just for you.



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Training and Development

Navigate has designed, developed and presented training that most participants call the very best in the business. We can offer it—as we have for hundreds of clients—in almost every imaginable format. Recognized industry leaders will educate and energize your people with proven practices learned over decades of experience.

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Individual coaching is a key element of our work on many assignments. Everyone on our team is a professionally trained and experienced coach. We work alongside your people as they complete their assignments and hold them accountable for results. Coaching can be structured around specific tasks, team goals, learning new management skills, transition into a new position – or even to ownership.

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Management Tools

Management needs correct and timely information for decision-making. Navigate has scores of tools, templates, and systems for obtaining and managing critical information. These could be as tactical as templates for recurring tasks such as site surveys or as strategic as incentive compensation plans, management dashboards from your current software systems, or performance management programs.

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Consulting and Advisory Support

Some clients need help deciding on the best future course of action on important business matters. Others know what they want to do but need help to do it. Often, this has them paralyzed and hesitant to act even when they know they must. Navigate’s exceptional versatility can help in those situations because we have resources and experience most companies don’t have on staff.

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