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Software Readiness Assessment

Too many companies are strangled by the time and difficulty of producing information for decision-making.
Lots of new software tools promise improvement, but which ones are right for you? Understanding your company’s readiness to select new software, especially enterprise-wide software, requires an understanding of your goals and needs as well as your capabilities and capacity for change. We’ll help you understand this process and make the best choices.

How we help

Metrics are the heart of good decision making. Not just data, but readily-available, shared information that is aligned with goals and managers.


We’ll assess the viability of your company’s processes, how well your employees follow them, and report to you our findings – which include a readiness grid that helps you visualize the areas that need improvement before investing in an expensive software tool.

Cost / Benefit / Value

The greatest challenge in making an investment in an enterprise level software system is understanding the hard and soft costs involved as well as quantifying the benefits that result from a successful implementation. We have a tool to assist in this process that provides management some clear, eye-opening information to help in the investment decision by quantifying time and value.


Simply buying software can make problems worse. The Enterprise Software Readiness Assessment highlights major areas of the company that need improvement in order for implementation and adoption to go smoothly. Oftentimes this requires culture change and process changes, but it always demands focus and discipline.

The readiness assessment will help you understand your goals and needs and eliminate many of the headaches that can come with implementation. It will speed adoption and help you optimize the benefits as well as your capabilities and capacity for change.