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Business and Financial Planning​

Often our strategic plans are little more than “wish lists” rather than an intentional plan for success when they are not accompanied with annual operating plans and aligned budgets to drive toward success.

Using the analogy of a car, a strong engine (strategy) and great operational capability of sales, operations, finance and executive leadership (tires) will not perform without a transmission (operating plan and budgets) to move the power to traction and achieve success. We can help you build actionable and executable operating plans and budgets to achieve your intended strategic success.

Sales and Operations Planning

Although most companies hold weekly, monthly, quarterly, and sometimes annual meetings to support the management team in running the business, they often miss the most important monthly meeting of them all, which is the sales and operation planning meeting. All too often, Sales sells all they can without regard to operational capacity and capability. At the same time, Operations focuses on efficiency and effectiveness without sufficient regard to customer expectations. We can help you build a rigorous process and discipline to ensure your companies sales and operations team work together to deliver great customer outcomes.

Strategic Planning

Does your vision, your values, your culture all align to drive your strategy to success? Do you have an aligned and articulated strategic plan that your entire company can work toward achieving? Are you intentionally monitoring the external environment that your company operates within to ensure that you have more a “rinse and repeat” strategy to ensuring your future success? We can help you envision a future and create a strategic plan to achieve that future success that is not left to luck or market forces.