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Project Management

Over the last decade, the integration industry has seen monumental advances in technology and systems.

With those advances come more difficult challenges when it comes to managing integration projects, which themselves have grown more complex and require greater coordination and collaboration among numerous entities.

Project management can no longer be an afterthought when it comes to the systems integration industry. Nor should it be treated as a necessary evil to selling and implementing systems and solutions.

Project management must become part of the culture of a successful integration company – and of the integration industry as a whole. Much more than an additional role assigned to your company’s best lead technician; project management is a philosophy that needs to permeate the organization. The mature practice of project management has become one of the key differentiators for integration companies that are capable of achieving long-term success.

Mature Project Management

Mature project management requires changes to how an organization operates and how it measures success – from sales, engineering, procurement, and resource scheduling, to project management, production, installation, programming, testing, training, commissioning, and service.

Mature project management is the answer to the question,

“How do we sell, manage and implement projects for our clients in a professional and predictable manner?”

Each role and function must begin to see the value and importance of the other roles to creating successfully implemented projects.

Navigate has seen incredible progress in the management and leadership of many organizations when they adopt mature project management practices including:

  • Increased profits,
  • Increased client satisfaction,
  • Higher employee morale and
  • Overall quality improvement.