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Our team is composed of highly experienced individuals with decades of leadership experience.

Our team is composed of highly experienced individuals with decades of leadership experience. That experience enables us to provide not only consulting expertise, but also individually focused mentoring relationships with current and emerging leaders. Unlike our coaching offering, which have individuals focus on themselves, mentorships are relationships where the mentor shares their personal experience and expertise with the mentee, advising them on how they may want to proceed.

How we help

Mentoring engagements require a strong relationship between the mentor and mentee. The mentee must be open to listening to guidance from the mentor. The mentor’s guidance and advice is based on years of relevant industry experience. In a sense, the mentor has “been there, done that” and will be a valuable source of support. We may start with an assessment that measures the mentees’ personality, workstyle, and attitude, or how they are perceived by their reports, peers, and supervisor. These various assessments enable the mentee to become more self-aware and understand how they interact with others or how they are showing up in their personal or professional life. 

Mentoring programs often help clients to


Take a complete, holistic look at their current state, including assumptions and perceptions about work, themselves and others


Set relevant and realistic goals, based on their goals and the goals leadership has established for them


Make decisions faster, taking action towards their goals


Evaluate the outcomes of their actions and decisions


Establish long and short term plans for themselves, their department, and their company


Build confidence by having someone with whom they can work through ideas and decisions

Growing Management and Leadership Skills

Mentorships improve the probability of exceptional outcomes for the individual, the team, and the company. A mentor helps grow an individual’s technical management skills. They focus not only on business skills, but on leadership and interpersonal skills.

Mentoring improves efficiency and effectiveness of not only the mentee, but of their team as well.

Mentoring can be a great tool in helping both seasoned and emerging leaders grow. Tenured leaders may need support as the business scales. A mentor can provide them with guidance growing at the same rate. Emerging and new leaders are often thrust into their roles without enough guidance or training. Partnering them with a mentor significantly increases the likelihood of their success.

If you are interested in whether mentoring may be beneficial for you or your team, please contact us for a free initial consultation.