Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

Coaching is often part of an implementation plan following an assessment, but it can also be a separate undertaking tailored to specific needs, individuals, and timetables.   

How do we prepare managers (and owners) for what comes next?

In each case we stress full engagement, accountability, and confidentiality among the participants.  We work in partnership between coach and client to provide structure, guidance and support for clients to:

  • Take a complete, holistic look at their current state, including assumptions and perceptions about work, themselves and others
  • Set relevant and realistic goals, based on their own nature and needs
  • Make decisions and take actions toward reaching their goals
  • Learn by continuing to reflect on outcomes and share feedback with others

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders
Coaching can be integral to Succession Planning as you determine how to prepare leaders for tomorrow.  We’ll help you identify and prepare high potential people for their next move with confidential and supportive feedback to you and others.  We ask questions, challenge assumptions, provide resources, and offer advice to help in the following:

  • Identify and develop needed skills and competencies
  • Create opportunities for emerging leaders to take the lead
  • Train senior leaders how to effectively coach and mentor
  • Develop sustainable leadership development programs

Core Benefits of Coaching
Coaching can benefit almost anyone in almost any situation. The benefits that clients receive from their achievements depend on what they choose to work on in their coaching.  However, there are some core benefits that all clients can achieve not matter what goals they work on.

  • Learn more effectively through decisions and actions on current, real-world goals and projects
  • Solve complex problems by continually reinterpreting, or reframing them for a different analysis
  • Learn new management skills through working with proven principles
  • Find more meaning by participating more wholeheartedly and realistically in the here-and now and live more authentic lives.