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Bringing Out the Best in People

Aubrey C. Daniels
How to Apply the Astonishing Power of Positive Reinforcement

Bringing Out the Best in People is a very easy read and a great introduction to Performance Management and Organizational Behavior Management.

Aubrey Daniels is one of Brad Malone’s “go-to” authors when the topic is about performance management and motivation.

“He always has great examples, and follows the “why, what, how” style of imparting knowledge which I find incredibly effective. I refer him to all my clients who want to master the art and science of managing and leading people,” says Brad Malone.

  • Why do we want to do this? (Outcome)
  • What is the product / service to be accomplished? (Deliverable)
  • How will we go about building this Product / Service? (Activity)


This classic bestseller on performance management has been updated to reflect changes in today’s working environment.

What encourages employees to work to their fullest potential, not just for a short while but for the long haul?


Bringing Out the Best in People is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 24: Conflict Resolution

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