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But Are You Making Any Money?

Marley Majcher
Stop Being Busy and Start Creating Cash

There is a simple equation in business:

Profit = Sales – Costs

If an integration business doesn’t know its costs, then how can it know its profits?

Today, understanding costs is more important than ever. As products are commoditized and competitors are lowering their prices, this puts downward pressure on your prices. Don’t get caught in a race to the bottom.

It can be difficult to know when to say NO and walk away from a project. Majcher shows us that if a business is not using job costing to determine the true costs for each project, then it will never know when a job doesn’t make sense from a cost perspective.

But Are You Making Any Money? is deceptively powerful. It is written in everyday language but has some very impactful ways to look at your business finances. It will change the way you look at expenses and allocate your time! There are many practical, easy to implement strategies that will get you going in the right direction, fast.

This book is a great combination of hard-hitting facts and funny anecdotes. Prepare to laugh and learn. A must read for all integrators. And after reading Majcher’s account of her own struggles in her business, you will feel like you aren’t alone.


But Are You Making Any Money? is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 36: Principles of Job Costing

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