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The One Minute Manager

Ken Blanshard
Is your next generation of leadership ready for what comes next?

As an industry, Navigate believes we need to focus on growing that next generation of leadership and management.

Many integrators are having a hard time finding and retaining talent, for many roles ranging from technicians and engineers, to project managers. This is, in part, because we are not growing them enough from the beginning.

People are yearning for growth and increased roles / responsibilities, and are we providing that? Are we giving them the opportunity to learn not only the technical aspects of their role(s), but the business aspects and principles as well?

At Navigate Academy, we often refer to the whole One Minute Manager series, by Ken Blanchard. He has a simple, but great philosophy for how you really grow people.

The One Minute Manager guides management teams on balancing their focus between employee success and business results in an efficient yet compassionate way.


The One Minute Manager is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy’s Project Management Learning Track

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