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Ownership Thinking

Brad Hams
How to End Entitlement and Create a Culture of Accountability, Purpose, and Profit

Entitlement is an insidious disease that is crippling companies, destroying our economy, and crushing potential. It’s infecting the very roots of business performance, it’s spreading fast, and it may be killing your company.

On a recent episode of The Navigator, Daniel Adair, Owner and CFO at Fusion Audio + Video, recommended Ownership Thinking, saying it has improved accountability and profitability in his company.

When employees assume their company is making wheelbarrows of money, they become wasteful. This book is about moving employees away from only the “me” way of thinking and toward the concerns of the business and its financial performance.

The book has an out of the box way to think about culture. Ham talks about how to create a culture where everyone is engaged, knows what is going, and how they contribute. Everyone needs to be challenged and must take responsibility for the company’s destiny and their role within it. And people need to have fun.

Ownership Thinking begins with:

  • The Right Education: Teach employees the fundamentals of business and finance, how their company makes money, and how they add–or take away–value.
  • The Right Measures:  Identify the organization’s Key Performance Indicators and teach employees to forecast results in an environment of high visibility and accountability.
  • The Right Incentives:  Create incentive plans that are self-funding and clearly align employees’ behavior to the organization’s business and financial objectives.

If you want your employees to learn to think and act like owners and become active participants in the financial performance of the business, this is the book for you!


Ownership Thinking is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 32: Building Competitive Advantage and Creating Business Value.

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