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Project Manager’s Spotlight on Change Management

Claudia Baca, PMP
Clear-Cut Ways to Manage Inevitable Project Changes

Many times the theory of change management makes sense when you’re reading about it, but when it’s time to implement you’re left scratching your head wondering exactly how to go about it. This book will help you put project processes and methodologies into place without any guess work.

Claudia Baca does a great job of anticipating the questions that PMs might ask and then explaining the answers with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process so you can put what you read into practice.

This straightforward book offers solutions to real-life project change scenarios, highlighting the critical components of change control.

Project Manager’s Spotlight on Change Management will equip you with tools, techniques, checklists, and templates you can put to use immediately for your integration projects. Ultimately, this book will help you establish effective guidelines for dealing with change and provide you the flexibility to minimize disruptions and derailments.

You will learn how to:

  • Define roles and responsibilities of the change management team
  • Build a process flow one step at a time
  • Design your own change management system
  • Process exceptions and escalations
  • Create the necessary documentation.

Project Manager’s Spotlight on Change Management is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 27: Managing Change Orders

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