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The Streetwise Subbie

Barry Ashmore
Construction Law And Business Support For Specialist Contractors

Very few books explore the problems which are particular to the relationship between Specialist Contractors and the Main Contractor, or Clients with whom they are in contract. Fewer still provide solutions in such a down to earth no-nonsense way as our latest book of the month, which was suggested by our mates at Pro AV Solutions in Australia.

The Streetwise Subbie is a highly regarded practical guide to contractual matters. Thousands of subbies have already benefited from the insights and the streetwise approach to avoiding or resolving contractual problems, and the clarity of thought and advice the book provides.

We love this book because it answers all your questions about payments, delay and disruption, extension of time, plus it includes the all-important checklists and site records. It’s the kind of book that you keep handy, because it has so much information that you will refer to it over and over again.

If you are looking for an easy to read, practical, and essential guide, aimed at Specialist Contractors of all sizes and specialisations, be they sole traders, company directors, or any member of the subbie’s team that must handle the commercial and contractual aspects of the projects they undertake, then this is the book for you!


The Streetwise Subbie is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 44: Subcontractor Management.

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