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The Truth About Employee Engagement

Patrick Lencioni
A Fable About Addressing the Three Root Causes of Job Misery

In The Truth About Employee Engagement, Patrick Lencioni takes on the universal problem of job dissatisfaction.

Millions of workers, even those who have carefully chosen careers based on true passions and interests, dread going to work, suffering each day as they trudge to jobs that make them cynical, weary, and frustrated. It is a simple fact of business life that any job, from investment banker to dishwasher, can become miserable.

Job satisfaction does not depend on salary alone, and the cost of miserable employees is high.


There are three root causes of job misery, and these can affect anyone.


Through the story of a CEO turned pizzeria manager, Lencioni reveals the three elements that make work miserableirrelevance, immeasurability, and anonymity – and gives managers and their employees the keys to make any job more engaging.

Studies show, an employee’s relationship with their direct manager is the most important determinant to employee satisfaction, more than pay, benefits, perks and work-life balance. This book presents managers with a practical, new approach for engaging employees in order to maximize their potential, and tells you how to turn any type of job from miserable to meaningful.

Managers should serve their employees; there are simple actions any manager can take to do that. Managers need to get to know their employees and show what employees are contributing. At the same time, employees need to know exactly what they are contributing and have a reliable way of measuring this.

We love this book, because it is filled with actionable advice you can put into effect immediately. The book also includes a detailed model examining the three root causes of job misery and how they can be remedied.

It covers the benefits of managing for job engagement within organizations – increased productivity, greater retention, and competitive advantage.


The Truth About Employee Engagement is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 35: Employee Engagement

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