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What the Customer Wants You to Know

Ram Charan
How Everybody Needs to Think Differently about Sales

We have to face the truth: the process of selling is broken. Customers have more choices and are under intense pressure. Yet few companies are facing this reality.

More than ever these days, the sales process tends to be a war about price, a frustrating, unpleasant war that takes all the fun out of selling. But there is a better way to think about sales.

What the customer wants you to know is how his or her business works, so you can help make it work better. It sounds simple, but there’s a catch – you won’t be able to do that with your traditional sales approach.

Charan defines a new approach to selling as Value Creation Selling (VCS), which differentiates you from the competition, paving the way to better pricing, better margins and higher revenue growth built on win-win relationships that deepen over time.


What the Customer Wants You to Know is Recommended Reading forNavigate Academy Module 15: Project Estimating & Pricing

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