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The Cost of Dropped Handoffs

dropped handoffs

What is the cost of dropped handoffs in your AV integration  business?

How many of us regularly experience the drama, chaos and re-work of dropped handoffs?

Why does this happen? Don’t we practice those handoffs – of which there are hundreds – every project, every year?

In our AV Integration business, every dropped hand-off costs us in terms of re-work (paying for the work twice), morale (the frustration of having to do the work again) and opportunity costs (the cost of what we weren’t able to do). These start to add up quickly.

In this week’s video, Brad Malone and Steve Riley talk about what they commonly see at AV companies.

“What we see in inefficient or ineffective companies that are losing a lot of profit is that each person is dropping off things that are sometimes half done or half completed,” says Malone. “So the person behind them has to do double the work or triple the work. And this becomes almost exponential. Sales didn’t take five more minutes to do something. Engineering didn’t take 10 more minutes, and by the time it gets to the tech, now, we’re spending hours and hours fixing problems.”

And bad projects never get better. “It’s always up to the next person in line to fill in the gaps that was left off from the previous person,” Malone reports.

“Oftentimes it is a struggle for service or support to take over when projects haven’t been fully complete,” according to Riley. “Because, basically the service department ends up finishing the project.”

Watch the video below and find out how to stop that snowball from rolling.

The Cost of Dropped Handoffs

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