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From Service to Support

Service to Support

Service is the act of doing. Support is the act of doing with the interest of your customer’s success in mind.

The evolution of service to support, is a really hot topic these days. Steve Riley, our resident expert on support, shared his wisdom on this topic in a two part series, It’s All About Support. In Part 1 he discusses the five necessary steps for integrators that wish to provide support. Then in Part 2 he addresses the process to actually deliver it.

But, what do we mean when we say support? And what is the difference between service and support?

That is the topic of today’s video. “Honestly, support is a mindset and the entire approach to the way you offer assistance to your customers,” According to Riley. “If you think about it from a definition perspective, service is the act of doing, but support is the act of doing with the interest of the success of your customer in mind. Service is really just one leg of support, and it’s the reactionary side of the way that we do business.”

For more information on how to get from service to support, watch the video below:

If you’re struggling through how to get from service to a support business model, Navigate can help you. For more information reach us at


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