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If There’s One Thing I Know about Sales, It’s This…

keep moving forward

I’ve been a student of human behavior and performance for as long as I can remember.  In second grade, I noticed that the kids who were the loudest in class also did poorly on their schoolwork.  I correlated loud voices with bad grades.  (For the record, I have no data to back up my study other than a seven-year-old’s memory of 30 other kids.)  In tenth grade, my first-period football class made me realize that I was more attentive at school when I lifted weights in the morning instead of the evenings.  Today, at 50 years old, I rarely get sick when I’m consistently running 10 or more miles per week.  BTW, I realize that I’m kind of a geek this way.


Through my constant thinking about behavior and outcomes, and because of my job of creating strategies and processes for salespeople to improve their performance, there is one thing I know, without a doubt, when it comes to sales…


No matter what happens in sales, if you keep moving forward, you’ll be successful. 

I don’t mean to dismiss the importance of doing the right activities or developing your skills, but if you’re doing sort-of the right things and your skills aren’t bad, you’ll succeed if you keep moving forward.  All salespeople run into months or quarters in which they fail.  Unfortunately, many quit or start on a downward spiral.  Most salespeople fail or quit because of their hearts, not their brains.  When this happens, keep moving forward.  Wake up and keep working the process.


And this applies to more than just the tough times.  When you’re having a record year, you should keep pushing hard and keep moving forward.


I know many people in the final quarter of their sales careers that will point to a one- or two-year period to which they owe their success.  They were able to push a couple of good years into an exceptional reputation that lasted a lifetime and brought them much success.


So, whatever your mood is right now, just keep moving forward!

For those of you that have had children in the last 15 years, I’m sure the movie Meet the Robinsons is running through your mind right now.


This article was first published by our partners at Vector Firm, and has been republished with their express permission.

Read the original story here – If there’s anything I know about sales it’s this..



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