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Leadership from the Inside Out

Kevin Cashman
Becoming a Leader for Life

There are three characteristics that are fundamental to the most successful, and results producing leaders:

Authenticity: Well-developed self-awareness that openly faces strengths, vulnerabilities, and development challenges.

Influence: Meaningful communication that connects with people by reminding self and other what is genuinely important.

Value Creation: Passion and aspiration to serve multiple constituencies, to sustain performance and contribution over the long term.

This book serves as an integrated coaching experience and goes through several exercises that help you become the leader within you.

Learn how to harness your authentic, value-creating influence and elevate your impact as an individual, in teams, and in organizations.

Cashman demonstrates that his trademark “whole-person” approach – we lead by virtue of who we are – is essential to sustained success and provides measurable return on investment.


Leadership from the Inside Out is recommended reading for Navigate Academy Lesson 2 – Distinguishing Leadership from Management

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