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What Qualities Make Good Leaders?

What Qualities Make Good Leaders?
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On this episode of The AV Profession, Brad Malone joins Tim Albright to discuss what qualities make good leaders.


Leadership is about creating a vision and inviting people to come along on the journey.


And it’s about risk, because you’re putting your name on that vision.


“Leadership is also about courage,” says Malone. “What I find is that a lot of people are hiding, as opposed to standing up and saying, ‘This is what I stand for as an entrepreneur. This is what I stand for as a business owner. This is the future I want to create. And are you coming with me?’”


“When you see somebody make a tough decision, that takes courage,” Malone continues. “That takes somebody saying, ‘I’m going to be who I am. I’m going to stand by my word and lead from my values.’ They’re making tough decisions and people go, ‘Wow, I’ll follow that person.’”


Right now, a lot of people are yearning for leadership.


Show me a direction that I can buy into.


Show me something that I can have pride in.


Good leaders are people who build excuse-free zones. We can have mistake zones, but not excuses.


Take ownership!

“One of the things I’ve learned over the years is having the courage to own up to my mistakes,” says Malone. “And it important to own up to not just your mistakes, but also your company’s mistakes.”


A true leader stands up and says, “It’s not about blame, it’s about ownership. I created a vision, and we made a mistake. Let’s own it as a company let’s learn from it and we’ll do better moving forward.”


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Listen the podcast for all this and much more!

What Qualities Make Good Leaders?



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