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Why Do Something Once, When You Can Do It Twice?

Do it right the first time with better planning and management

How much time do you waste in your integration business?

And what are the costs associated with call-backs and do-overs?

Isn’t it better to do it right, ONCE?

On this month’s episode of the Navigator, Brad Malone is joined by our own Robert Hammond to discuss how one of the easiest ways integrators can increase margins is with better planning and management.

If you have a ‘we just get it done’ mentality in your integration company, and you are always running on adrenaline, then this podcast is for you!


Has this ever happened in your integration business –

It’s Friday.

It’s four o’clock.

We’re about to leave the job site, and we ask the client to come in and have a quick look at the progress.

But the client finds a problem, and they have to use the room Monday morning.

So, then we work over the weekend to get it working, right?

We call in our superman technician that can fix anything and everything, fly them out, or drive them out, and they come out on site and fix it.

We get it working by Monday morning and the client is happy.

Then when we get back to the office, everybody is thrilled that we worked so hard to get everything done.

And it’s feeding our dopamine levels, so it just feels like the right way to work all the time.


Navigate sees this behavior very widely across the integration industry.



We hear about the heroic efforts that integrators make all the time. But if we reward heroism, in effect, you could say we are rewarding poor planning, and poor follow-through. And with as much repeatability as we have in this industry, I don’t know why integrators continue to be surprised. Brad Malone



Hopefully people will listen to this podcast, and ask themselves the following two questions –

      1. Where do I fit on this spectrum?
      2. What are two or three things that I could do to embrace better planning and management if I so desire?


WATCH the full episode for all this a more!

Why Do Something Once, When You Can Do It Twice?



If you find this podcast valuable, we cover this topic in more detail in Navigate Academy Module 27 – Managing Change Orders.

Brad takes the concept of better planning for better project management to the next level, with practical techniques that you can put into practice right away in your integration business.


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