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service level agreement

Where Should Integrators Start with their Services Offering?

A question that Navigate often hears from integrators is, “How do we grow our services business?” Steve Riley is our resident support and service guru. Today, Steve talks with Brad about some best practices for integrators that want to build a service and support offering. “Many customers ask me how

successful project management

Keys to Successful Project Management

Last week we learned about How to Create Project Managers the Right Way. But successful projects require much more than just good project managers. In fact, you could argue that the success (or failure) of a project is determined before the project manager ever gets involved. That is the topic

Service to Support

From Service to Support

Service is the act of doing. Support is the act of doing with the interest of your customer’s success in mind. The evolution of service to support, is a really hot topic these days. Steve Riley, our resident expert on support, shared his wisdom on this topic in a two


It’s All About Support Part One: The Overview

There are five necessary steps for integrators that intend to provide Support Why do so many AV integrators spend their time and resources selling projects and nothing else? Projects come and go, and when they go, you need to refill the hopper with more projects. Projects clog up the warehouse,