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project management forecasting

Forecasting for Successful Project Management

How do you hand project management forecasting in your integration business? One of the challenges Navigate often hears from project managers is a lack of ability to manage and forecast resources.   In this video, Brad Malone is joined by Brad Dempsey, CEO of Solutions360, to discuss how forecasting leads

Navigate's Four Pillars of Support

Navigate’s Four Pillars of Support

Integrators are making the shift from a reactive service model to a proactive support model There has been a lot of discussion in the integrator community about best practices for developing services and support revenue, and how to embrace a recurring revenue model.   Today, our own Steve Riley is

Estimating Process

Who Owns the Estimate – Sales or Operations?

Who should be responsible for the estimating process? One of the issues Navigate often addresses with customer is the estimating process. Today, our own Steve Riley is joined by Tofiq Indawala, Director of Product Management at Solutions360, to discuss who should be responsible for the estimate. “This is a conversation

global AV deployments

Best Practices for Global AV Deployments

In today’s global economy, there are more opportunities than ever before to deploy technology systems around the world. But working globally can create some logistical challenges as businesses try to scale their operations. To overcome the challenges of global AV deployments, companies need global technology partners that can deliver high-quality projects

challenges of global project management

Top Challenges of Global Project Management

Make it or break it profitability on global integration projects can come down to project management. This week, Brad Malone is joined by Chris Miller, Executive Director of PSNI Global Alliance. PSNI has built a global network of technology solutions providers that now includes 74 integrators, with 188 offices in