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Best Practices for Global AV Deployments

global AV deployments

In today’s global economy, there are more opportunities than ever before to deploy technology systems around the world.

But working globally can create some logistical challenges as businesses try to scale their operations. To overcome the challenges of global AV deployments, companies need global technology partners that can deliver high-quality projects anywhere in the world. Members of the PSNI Global Alliance—which includes 188 offices in 42 countries, across six continents—can do just that.

Last year, PSNI reached out to Navigate and asked us to develop some best practices and processes for delivering global AV deployments.

“I called you because Navigate’s long relationship with our organization,” says Chris Miller, Executive Director at PSNI Global Alliance. “Brad’s participation in really driving the whole project management side, and your background in working in services, in the integration world. If anyone knew what we needed, it was Navigate. And I reached out to ask you help us develop a process.”

“You have become instrumental in guiding us, and directing us to build and develop, two complete manuals. First was the Deployment Manual, followed by the Service Manual.”

Doing business across countries, across continents, across languages, the more we got into it, the more it became evident that we needed to put more clarification into the processes of doing business.

“After Navigate built the processes, you helped us develop a whole certification testing, which then became the backbone of what we do,” Miller continues. “Today we are a long ways from being done, but we have over 120 of our members from around the world certified on that process, and that handbook, and those guidelines.”

“Our members have said that the processes outlined in the manual, and your templates, are better than the ones they are using in their companies. We’ve helped our members around the world embrace the processes you put together for us. It’s been just a wonderful relationship, and you and I have got more to do,” Miller concludes.

In this week’s video, our own Steve Riley talks with Chris Miller, of PSNI Global Alliance.

What was driving the need to develop processes for global AV deployments?

How can the Deployment Manual and the Service Manual help integrators deliver more profitable global AV deployments?

Watch to find out!

Best Practices for Global AV Deployments with Chris Miller

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