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Top Challenges of Global Project Management

challenges of global project management

Make it or break it profitability on global integration projects can come down to project management.

This week, Brad Malone is joined by Chris Miller, Executive Director of PSNI Global Alliance.

PSNI has built a global network of technology solutions providers that now includes 74 integrators, with 188 offices in 42 countries, across 6 continents. So, who better to talk about the challenges of global project management?

“Some of the biggest challenges we see globally, are with project management and how projects are maintained,” says Miller. “As you put these companies together you’ve got the barriers of language, of currency, of culture, or even just a standard approach.”

“Navigate has been a part of what we’ve done since about 2006, and has been very well received,” Miller continues. “One of the top things we talk about now is how do we keep providing this training and incorporating it as part of our overall certification.”

Certification is all about our processes. Part of that process is going to be managing those relationships.

“You can’t take a global approach without knowing what it takes to be successful, and a big part of that is project management,” Chris Miller, PSNI.

“Certainly, something Navigate knows, that PSNI is just learning, is the challenges around what customers expect in a project relationship,” Miller reports. “There are challenges working across boundaries, across borders, and around the world.”

“Navigate has just nailed this in your curriculum, and in your workshops. You did a project management conference for us at ISE last year and will be doing more training for our partners again next year. The global project management piece is just crucial to our training.”

As end users are increasingly demanding global deployments, there is a growing need for technology solution providers with a global reach, that can cater to customers with a global presence.

What does all of this mean for your integration business? What do you see as some of the challenges of global project management? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Chris Miller on the Challenges of Global Project Management

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