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Resource Management Helps Manage Growth at the McKeon Group

Last week Brad Malone covered some best practices for resource management in our organizations, including: alignment and continuous process improvement. Today, we further explore this theme, with a focus on how to best manage resources while also managing growth.


One of the questions Navigate commonly hears from integrators is –


We’re growing and we need more people, but how do we attract and retain the right talent?


In a time when the unemployment rate is so low, we need to maturely manage the performance of all of our employees – professionally holding each responsible to their job functions through the proper training, development, and motivation structures.


In some companies today, Navigate finds that “heroism and martyrdom” are confused with dedication and responsibility – often giving more “work from others” to our best people and seeing it as a reward – instead of managing the source of non-conformance.


In the video, Brad speaks with Tomas Mac Eoin, Managing Director at the McKeon Group in Dublin, Ireland. Mac Eoin shares some of the challenges the company faced while growing its AV business from $3 million to $6 million.


“One of the things that was necessary to manage our growth was starting to clarify roles and responsibilities.” Tomas Mac Eoin, McKeon Group.


“I suppose we started as a smaller organization where everybody did a lot of different roles,” says Mac Eoin. “And as we were growing, first of all, we needed to find new talent, which was a difficulty in itself, but then actually defining the roles for the guys who have been there for the last number of years through the growth. The big word with us was accountability, actually, explaining to people, “This is your role.” Defining it and making them accountable for it. And giving them ownership of whether it be programming, whether it be installation or whether it be project management.


“Everyone understood what their responsibilities were, and nobody pushed back,” says Mac Eoin. “One of the big things that we got from working with Navigate was confirmation that we knew these things. We were saying these things. But to have to put clarity around it and to have a third party with international experience come in, talk to the lads, they sort of go, “Oh, yeah. It all makes sense now.” Yeah. We have a great team. It was a no-brainer from their point of view, as well. And they get satisfaction out of it, too.”


Watch the video for the full discussion.

Resource Management Helps Manage Growth


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