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A Strong Culture is Something You Create Every Day

establish a strong culture

In previous blog posts, we have talked discussed the direct linkage between the level of quality delivered within an AV systems integration project and the level of pride in that accomplishment.

Pride is a feeling that you respect yourself and deserve to be respected by other people; or a feeling of happiness that you get when you or someone you know does something good, difficult, etc. So, when someone at your workplace (whether they be in sales, engineering, programming, integration, service, administration, finance, procurement, etc.) accomplishes something of value or excellence, they should be able to feel a sense of pride in that accomplishment.

This all goes back to culture, and how you create it every day.

A strong focus on culture has had a major impact at Level 3 AV, and the company’s ability to both attract and retain employees. Jeremy Elsesser, President at Level 3 AV, shares his thoughts on the importance of culture.

You can talk about strong culture, “But really it is a quality question because it all comes back to the conversation of quality,” Elsesser reports. “When you build quality into every process that you have, you start attracting the best possible talent that your industry has to offer, because generally speaking, people want to do it the right way. And when they believe that you are invested in the idea of doing it the right way, they want to come to work for you.”

Now, people approach the company asking, “Can we come work with you?” This has created a huge sense of pride at Level 3 AV.

“The dedication to quality is what is getting us the best possible talent. And talk about employee retention. When you start putting quality processes in place, it starts to remove the finger-pointing, and who did what. It’s much more about us identifying the issue as a team, let’s fix it as a team, and that removes a tremendous amount of cultural issues.”

“My business partner Brad Peterson and I have talked for years about the day when people would line up to come work for us. And it wasn’t anything outside of quality that created that,” Elsesser concludes.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Culture is Something You Create Every Day

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