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The Dollarization Discipline

Jeffrey J. Fox and Richard C. Gregory
How Smart Companies Create Customer Value…And Profit from It

The Dollarization Discipline shows organizations and marketers how to effectively communicate the economic value created by their products and services.

Every day, good integration companies suffer because they create value for customers, yet they are unable to fully explain the value customers get from their solutions.

Then the decision falls to the lowest common denominator – Price.

Too often, when companies compete using conventional sales and marketing approaches, they force customers to make financial decisions (how much to spend), based on non-financial arguments (product features and benefits). In this situation, integrators that can show true financial advantage in real dollars and cents win every time.

This book offers a practical, straightforward way for marketers and integration business leaders to prove the value of their “value-added.”


The Dollarization Discipline is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 18: Principles of Managerial Finances

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