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Sales Driven Culture

What are the impacts of having a sales driven culture?
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What are the impacts of being a sales driven organization?

On this episode of The AV Profession, Brad Malone joins Tim Albright to talk about the culture of your integration business, and how it can impact your employees and your customers.


“Often, when I work with integrators they’ll say, ‘Well, we’re not engineering driven, we’re a sales driven culture,’” says Malone. “This usually means an integrator is immature from a process perspective.”


Previous episodes have touched on the idea that a sales driven culture frequently leads to favoritism. Being sales driven sometimes lends itself to exceptionalism where, “Oh that sales person over there is a superstar so they get to do certain things that are outside of the rules.”


Once you have an exception driven culture, then you have got chaos and drama.


This is the struggle Navigate sees in a lot of organizations – there is a tendency to use being sales driven as either an excuse or a mechanism to forgive poor behavior by their “best people.”


But there is a delicate balance, because there are also some very good things about having a sales driven culture. Sales is what makes the organization exist. Sales brings in revenue, and hopefully profits.


Also on the podcast:

  • What are the impacts of being a sales driven organization?

  • What happens when an ‘exceptional’ person is allowed to break the rules?

  • How can an integrator mature and develop a more process driven culture?


Listen to the podcast for all this and much more!


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