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The Four CX Pillars to Grow Your Business Now

Adrian L. Brady-Cesana
The Customer Experience Manager Playbook

In the U.S. alone, companies lose over $62 billion dollars a year due to poor customer experience & service.

Have you thoughtfully designed the customer experience for your integration business?

At the highest level, CX typically focuses on the vast expanse of the customer journey. It goes through all the stages including awareness, consideration, conversion, on-boarding, retention, and loyalty. It covers the whole customer journey.

These are the Four CX Pillars that support the development of a solid CX strategy:

  • Team
  • Tools
  • Process
  • Feedback


Understanding the pillars is part of getting the basics right. Because no matter where you are in your customer experience maturity, you cannot underestimate the importance of building a solid foundation.

This a great read for anyone looking to improve their customer or employee experience. Adrian delivers his message clearly and with a refreshing attitude. It is an excellent reminder of what is important and will fire you up to improve as a leader.

The Four CX Pillars to Grow Your Business Now is Recommended Reading for Navigate Academy Module 45: Customer Experience.

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