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Quality and Metrics Should Start with the Design Process

quality and metrics should start with the design process

One of the things Navigate often hears from integrators is that they focus on putting quality into commissioning. Today, Brad is joined by Jim Maltese, Vice President of Quality Standards with Level 3 AV, to discuss why you should also build quality and metrics into the design process.

“It’s like starting the test off with the answers,” says Maltese. “As long as you have a well-defined end game, it’s very easy to solve the problem. And a problem well-stated is a problem half-solved.”

You should start with meaningful performance specifications that are user-centric, hopefully from the user, so that you can tailor the systems to their needs. If you put all those metrics into your design, when you do design reviews, engineering reviews, you can make sure the model of the system that is being designed can deliver the desired performance. And of course you just follow it through step-by-step throughout the entire process, to make sure the system actually performs as you expect.

This isn’t about selling equipment, it’s about selling performance.

It’s the experience!

How loud should it be?

What should it look like?

How easy should it be for my users to read information off the display, so they don’t have to squint when they’re trying to login from halfway down the table?

It’s just making sure there is not only a good user experience, but a consistent user experience.

The other powerful thing is once you make sure the design operates the way you expect, it becomes a standard. And it is very easy to implement a standard and all those metrics across an entire global deployment.

Watch the video for the full discussion:

Quality and Metrics Should Start with the Design Process

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