project management

Creating Project Managers the Right Way

Many organizations that are beginning to mature their business management practices go through a process of determining who to select as their project managers and how to nurture their competence and capabilities. As a certified Project Management Professional and practicing project manager for 25 years, and as someone who’s taught

company assessment

The Company Assessment

Let me ask, have you ever had a company assessment?  Every year I make the oft-annoying appointment to see my personal doctor for a checkup during which he asks all about my life.  What am I eating and drinking, how am I sleeping, am I exercising, what stress am I

cost of poor quality

How much does 5 minutes cost?

What does it cost the people downstream from one another in terms of time, money, productivity, morale, and opportunity costs when an upstream person cannot take five minutes extra to complete a task, activity or deliverable to defined quality standard? In other words, what is the cost of poor quality?