quotes and proposals

What’s the Difference Between a Quote and a Proposal?

Do your quotes and proposals help you differentiate your offer and get the desired results?  Consider these thoughts: Quotes and proposals are very different! Yes, quotes and proposals are very different, yet we see the terms (and documents) used interchangeably.  As a company matures out of the equipment business, through

cascading metrics

Cascading Metrics Drive Performance

It’s no secret that at Navigate, we love metrics! Performance metrics are critical for the success of your integration business. Without the ability to measure performance, management cannot be effective. And you can’t determine what constitutes a good performance without having good metrics. One of the buzzwords we are hearing

job descriptions

The Value of Job Descriptions

Good job descriptions are the Swiss Army Knife of the human resources business Job descriptions should be right at your fingertips whenever you have an HR matter to address. A principle of organization holds that organization should be based upon the work to be performed, not on the people available to

project closure

Project Closure: When is Done Really Done?

The project closure process, which as project managers know, simply means closing out a project at its conclusion, can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive; many are negative. In my experience working with multiple AV integration companies, I’ve seen all types of scenarios play out. And I’m sad


How Many Types of Software Are You Using?

A common complaint from integrators is having too many different pieces of software that don’t talk to one another. “This is not uncommon, because the industry has grown up this way,” according to David McNutt. “There was never a really good piece of software to cover everything. So we use

ERP software

Assessing the Value of Investing in ERP Software

Calculating the return value of an investment can be daunting, even for the experienced executive, but one which includes new ERP Software may be at the top of the list. Say the word “Enterprise” and it means the whole business will be involved and it’s sure to mean “change”- and

Value of System IDs in Delivering Support

The Value of System IDs in Delivering Support

System IDs allow you to identify individual systems by a unique number, defined as a list of serialized assets that belong within the system. In today’s video, Steve Riley, talks to us about one of his passions, the area of the business called Support. “I’ve been seeing a migration or

labor burden

Lightening the Burden of Burdened Labor

If you hear the term “Labor Burden”, and you want to glaze over a bit, don’t.  Understanding Labor Burden, as applied to the direct hourly cost of your billable labor (Technicians, Engineers, Programmers, Project Managers, etc.), may just change your business.  It is a crucial concept in running a profitable

company assessment

The Company Assessment

Let me ask, have you ever had a company assessment?  Every year I make the oft-annoying appointment to see my personal doctor for a checkup during which he asks all about my life.  What am I eating and drinking, how am I sleeping, am I exercising, what stress am I