Human resources

Road Map for Human Resources

One of the biggest issues technology integrators face today is hiring and retaining the right people. In the beginning, when you first started your integration business, HR’s main job was finding the right talent and putting them in the right seat. Typically, the hiring, firing and retaining of employees start

ERP software

Assessing the Value of Investing in ERP Software

Calculating the return value of an investment can be daunting, even for the experienced executive, but one which includes new ERP Software may be at the top of the list. Say the word “Enterprise” and it means the whole business will be involved and it’s sure to mean “change”- and

The AV Profession podcast

Know the risks, and avoid them

How can you mitigate risks in your AV business? When starting or running a business, there are several risks to consider, be them legal or compliance based. Navigate’s David McNutt talks about the risks to watch out for, and how to mitigate them.

company assessment

The Company Assessment

Let me ask, have you ever had a company assessment?  Every year I make the oft-annoying appointment to see my personal doctor for a checkup during which he asks all about my life.  What am I eating and drinking, how am I sleeping, am I exercising, what stress am I