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Learning that Delegate is not a Bad Word

delegate responsibility
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How do you delegate responsibility in your integration business?

Delegation is a word that can strike fear into even the most savvy of entrepreneurs. However, the issues that come with delegation might stem from the matter of not learning how to delegate responsibility properly.

Most people can see advantages or merits of delegation, but acting on it is another matter. One of the most common excuses Navigate hears is, “It’s a lot easier to do it myself than it is to explain how to do it to someone else.”

“But eventually, you will pay a price,” says Sharer. “Because there will not be enough hours in the day, and you will end up keeping responsibility for more things than you should. More importantly, there are certain things that only senior management has the authority to do, and if the CEO or CFO are preoccupied with other tasks, then these things don’t get done, or can’t get done.”

Listen to this episode of the AV Profession, as Tim Albright and Bill Sharer talk about the advantages of delegation, how to delegate efficiently, and knowing what decisions or tasks to delegate.