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Are You Asking the Right Interview Questions?

Ask the right interview questions
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On today’s episode of The AV Profession, Brad Malone joins Tim Albright to discuss hiring practices and the interview questions you should be asking.


Finding and retaining talent is a top priority for integrators, and as we return to the workplace, Navigate is working with many integrators that are in hiring mode.


“When you are getting ready to hire someone, the first step is to write down the interview questions that you want to ask” says Malone. “As opposed to this kind of speed dating scenario where I’m going to ask a question and then wait for you to respond and then ask one based on that and then let’s see where the interview takes me.”


In the Navigate Resource Library, we put together roughly 50 interview questions for Project Managers, but the questions apply to any position in your integration business.


This list is especially useful for a group interview, or when you have several people interviewing the same person. You can slice and dice the questions and make sure you get them all answered, as opposed to everyone asking the same question and hearing the same answer.


We encourage people to go download the questions for free, (after you finish listening to the podcast, of course).


You don’t want to interrogate people with 60 questions, but you really want to think through what are the key questions you want to ask? Really try to get to know this person and see who they are. Then you can typically deal with competence, but it’s about who the person is first.


Also on the podcast:

Just because you need someone is the wrong reason to hire somebody.

It is far more important to find the right person who will fit with your culture.


Listen to the podcast:



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