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Measuring for Measuring’s Sake

keeping score
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How do you keep score in your integration business, and who is responsible for it?

A lot of organizations have goals, but they’re soft like, “We’re going to increase sales.”

That’s good, but based on what? Is it based on revenue? Profit? Market share? And how do you measure your progress? Do you measure every day or every week to see if you are reaching that goal?

First you need to understand what the goal is, and define it. Then you can start keeping true score against it.

For most of us, whatever sport you like, you wouldn’t watch the game if there wasn’t a scoreboard. So there needs to be an end result that we’re after. Then the people that are playing the game need to understand their role in it. A lot of times, a company will have a goal, but they aren’t tracing it down to each person in the organization. How does each person contribute to that goal? There needs to be a dashboard to prove contribution.

On this episode, Brad and Tim discuss how all of this relates to integration businesses.

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