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What is Management Maturity?

What is Management Maturity?
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Management maturity is crucial, and it’s not about who’s been there the longest, it’s a skill which can and must be fostered.

“I see a lot of companies where the first five guys in the van are now at the executive table, 30 years later,” says Malone. “There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But what did they learn along the way? Do they actually have 30 years of experience or do they have 30 years of one year experience?”

A lot of people don’t invest in understanding what is their role as a manager.

What does it mean to be a mature manager?

Management is about how you handle people and is a skill you develop within yourself.


“My goal as a manager should be to create people under me that are smarter and more capable than me. Versus, I have to be the holder of all information and I have to be the smartest guy in the room.”


Your role as a manager is really to grow your people, to meet standards, to then meet metrics.

That metric could be a net profit, or RMAs processed, it can be wires pooled. But there is typically some deliverable that comes out of anyone’s function that can be measured.

Once you can measure that process, you can then standardize it, improve upon it, train on it and move forward.

“I’m going to say management itself can be somewhat boring, but what’s exciting is the result and the growth and the people.”


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