cascading metrics

Cascading Metrics Drive Performance

It’s no secret that at Navigate, we love metrics! Performance metrics are critical for the success of your integration business. Without the ability to measure performance, management cannot be effective. And you can’t determine what constitutes a good performance without having good metrics. One of the buzzwords we are hearing

keeping score

Measuring for Measuring’s Sake

How do you keep score in your integration business, and who is responsible for it? A lot of organizations have goals, but they’re soft like, “We’re going to increase sales.” That’s good, but based on what? Is it based on revenue? Profit? Market share? And how do you measure your progress?


Use Data to Circumvent Risks

Do you lack the information you need to properly run your integration business? Most integrators unfortunately answer ‘yes’ to this question. Without the right data, you take the risk of running into trouble within your company.

On this episode of The AV Profession, David McNutt and Tim Albright continue the conversation of risk management. How should you use metrics and information to make the right decisions? What information systems are critical to running a successful integration business? How can you use data to circumvent risks?

Listen to find out!


How Many Types of Software Are You Using?

A common complaint from integrators is having too many different pieces of software that don’t talk to one another. “This is not uncommon, because the industry has grown up this way,” according to David McNutt. “There was never a really good piece of software to cover everything. So we use

The AV Profession podcast

Measuring Success

On this inaugural episode of The AV Profession we talk with Navigate’s David McNutt about lag and lead measures, when and how to measure success, and much more.