your culture is your brand

Culture Shapes the Future of Tempest Technologies

Work hard, play hard. Take time for your family. We invest in our employees on a personal level. We provide opportunities for them to grow, not just along a career path, but also in their personal lives. “These are the core values of Tempest Technologies,” according to CEO Debbie Williamson.

cost of culture

The Cost of Culture

Culture has become a real buzz word in the AV industry, and Navigate talks with a lot of companies about culture. But when we talk about culture, what do we mean? In this week’s video, Brad Malone breaks it all down, “Most of the time, I don’t think people really

The AV Profession podcast

Company Vision and Mission

Vision, Mission, Values, and Ethics. What these words mean to you and your business. How a “special” salesperson or client could be hurting your company’s mission.

Corporate vision

The Value of an Organization’s Vision

How important to a company is a shared vision — one that resonates with every person in the organization and is felt by every client? Let’s find out by looking at the typical progression and growth of an audiovisual integration company. Many AV integration companies start small, with three to