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Integrators should conduct strategic planning every year

Integrators Should Conduct Strategic Planning Every Year

In Part I of this blog series, we talked about how strategic planning is essential for your integration business. Today, we take that discussion a step further to explain why integrators should conduct strategic planning every year.   Many times, we don’t start planning for adverse events until they appear,

strategic planning is essential for your integration business

Strategic Planning Is Essential for Your Integration Business

What is your excuse for not having a living, actionable, updated strategic plan?  We accept the wisdom of the ages that planning for the future is important, yet many of us are reluctant to invest the time, energy and resources into planning for our business success.   Strategic planning is

Are Your Project Managers Asking the Right Questions?

Are Your Project Managers Asking the Right Questions?

Most integrators are not asking the right questions. Often, when inquiring after the status of a project, people ask one or two questions: “How much is done?” and/or “Are we on schedule and on budget?” To which the replies are invariably: “Almost done, don’t worry” and/or “On time and on

Estimating Process

Who Owns the Estimate – Sales or Operations?

Who should be responsible for the estimating process? One of the issues Navigate often addresses with customer is the estimating process. Today, our own Steve Riley is joined by Tofiq Indawala, Director of Product Management at Solutions360, to discuss who should be responsible for the estimate. “This is a conversation

global AV deployments

Best Practices for Global AV Deployments

In today’s global economy, there are more opportunities than ever before to deploy technology systems around the world. But working globally can create some logistical challenges as businesses try to scale their operations. To overcome the challenges of global AV deployments, companies need global technology partners that can deliver high-quality projects

job descriptions

The Value of Job Descriptions

Good job descriptions are the Swiss Army Knife of the human resources business Job descriptions should be right at your fingertips whenever you have an HR matter to address. A principle of organization holds that organization should be based upon the work to be performed, not on the people available to

Human resources

Road Map for Human Resources

One of the biggest issues technology integrators face today is hiring and retaining the right people. In the beginning, when you first started your integration business, HR’s main job was finding the right talent and putting them in the right seat. Typically, the hiring, firing and retaining of employees start


What Should A Lessons-Learned Process Focus On?

When working on an integration project, how often do we hear, “Didn’t this happen last time?”   Remember, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. You could say the same about many organizations’ lessons-learned process — or more aptly

dropped handoffs

The Cost of Dropped Handoffs

What is the cost of dropped handoffs in your AV integration  business? How many of us regularly experience the drama, chaos and re-work of dropped handoffs? Why does this happen? Don’t we practice those handoffs – of which there are hundreds – every project, every year? In our AV Integration