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What’s the Difference Between a Quote and a Proposal?

Do your quotes and proposals help you differentiate your offer and get the desired results?  Consider these thoughts: Quotes and proposals are very different! Yes, quotes and proposals are very different, yet we see the terms (and documents) used interchangeably.  As a company matures out of the equipment business, through


When is the Project Done vs. Done-Done

What’s interesting, humorous or even sad, is an integrator’s ability to say when a project is done and when it is done-done. The project closure process can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive, but many are negative. Last week, we discussed the processes integrators can put in place

project closure

Project Closure: When is Done Really Done?

The project closure process, which as project managers know, simply means closing out a project at its conclusion, can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive; many are negative. In my experience working with multiple AV integration companies, I’ve seen all types of scenarios play out. And I’m sad

next-generation leadership

Next-Generation Leadership Training

Is Your Next-Generation of Leadership Ready to Lead? Finding and retaining talent is a hot topic with systems integrators in 2019. NSCA and Navigate commonly hear how many integrators are struggling with developing new leaders to better understand the business, enlarge their contribution, and add more value. Navigate has listened to


Use Data to Circumvent Risks

Do you lack the information you need to properly run your integration business? Most integrators unfortunately answer ‘yes’ to this question. Without the right data, you take the risk of running into trouble within your company.

On this episode of The AV Profession, David McNutt and Tim Albright continue the conversation of risk management. How should you use metrics and information to make the right decisions? What information systems are critical to running a successful integration business? How can you use data to circumvent risks?

Listen to find out!

Value of System IDs in Delivering Support

The Value of System IDs in Delivering Support

System IDs allow you to identify individual systems by a unique number, defined as a list of serialized assets that belong within the system. In today’s video, Steve Riley, talks to us about one of his passions, the area of the business called Support. “I’ve been seeing a migration or


It’s All About Support Part One: The Overview

There are five necessary steps for integrators that intend to provide Support Why do so many AV integrators spend their time and resources selling projects and nothing else? Projects come and go, and when they go, you need to refill the hopper with more projects. Projects clog up the warehouse,

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The Five Concepts of Labor Costs

The five concepts of labor costs. As AV integrators focus on expanding their services business, there is an extra emphasis on labor. Navigate’s David McNutt outlines the major concepts around labor costs, and how to manage them efficiently. What are the differences between direct vs. indirect vs. overhead labor costs? What are fully burdened labor costs? How does this impact profitability?

The AV Profession podcast

A Fresh Look on Accounting

David McNutt from Navigate Management Consulting brings some advice on assessing and hiring a new accounting team. When is it time to get a new look at your books and accounting practices? How do you set about getting a new CFO? When isn’t it time to change?