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Navigate's Four Pillars of Support

Navigate’s Four Pillars of Support

Integrators are making the shift from a reactive service model to a proactive support model There has been a lot of discussion in the integrator community about best practices for developing services and support revenue, and how to embrace a recurring revenue model.   Today, our own Steve Riley is


Getting Ready for Support

Companies in AV can earn a sizable monthly revenue by adding a service model to their lineup. But it takes deliberate planning to develop streams of monthly recurring revenue. In this episode, Steve Riley and Tim Albright talk to us about looking at where to focus when getting a support model started and how to get all the teams in your company ready.

dropped handoffs

The Cost of Dropped Handoffs

What is the cost of dropped handoffs in your AV integration  business? How many of us regularly experience the drama, chaos and re-work of dropped handoffs? Why does this happen? Don’t we practice those handoffs – of which there are hundreds – every project, every year? In our AV Integration

Service to Support

From Service to Support

Service is the act of doing. Support is the act of doing with the interest of your customer’s success in mind. The evolution of service to support, is a really hot topic these days. Steve Riley, our resident expert on support, shared his wisdom on this topic in a two

The AV Profession podcast

Using RMR As Your Financial Backbone

Recurring Monthly Revenue can support your business between your regular installations through jobs like AV as a service and support agreements. Navigate’s Steve Riley talks about the importance of recurring revenue from a service and business standpoint.

Value of System IDs in Delivering Support

The Value of System IDs in Delivering Support

System IDs allow you to identify individual systems by a unique number, defined as a list of serialized assets that belong within the system. In today’s video, Steve Riley, talks to us about one of his passions, the area of the business called Support. “I’ve been seeing a migration or