When is the Project Done vs. Done-Done

What’s interesting, humorous or even sad, is an integrator’s ability to say when a project is done and when it is done-done. The project closure process can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive, but many are negative. Last week, we discussed the processes integrators can put in place

project closure

Project Closure: When is Done Really Done?

The project closure process, which as project managers know, simply means closing out a project at its conclusion, can happen many ways. Some project closures are positive; many are negative. In my experience working with multiple AV integration companies, I’ve seen all types of scenarios play out. And I’m sad

quality equals pride

Quality Equals Pride

Is there a direct linkage between the level of quality delivered within an AV systems integration project and the level of personal and organizational pride in that accomplishment? And if so – which comes first? Is there a causal relationship? Before we start – we need to define both quality

The AV Profession podcast

Creating a Company Culture for Success

Brad Malone from Navigate Management Consulting discusses creating company culture. Malone describes the decisions that need to be made at the top by leadership. How do you incorporate culture and values throughout an organization? What do you do when handling “special” employees?